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Developing Technology for the Future

Panta operates across a dynamic mix of markets, all of them different, each of them unique and all of them connected by an advanced multi-sided platform. We focus on developing mobile and cloud-based technology that drives financial inclusion, sustainable development, and responsible digital identification.

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We innovate and push the industry boundaries in areas of transportation, fintech, smart cities, big data, and ecommerce. Harnessing the power of our hyper-connected world, we strive to achieve long-term economic success for developing economies and emerging markets.


We are proud of our diverse and unique range of partnerships and our track record of creating and realising possibilities that lead to more sustainable and inclusive economies. We've never stood still, continually evolving and adapting to changing markets, and creating new technology for the next century. So, as the pace of change continues to accelerate, we see each day as another opportunity to advance the next chapter in the Panta story with you.

News and Events

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The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative, bringing together leading companies and organizations from the technology, health, and travel sectors. Our members are creating a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems and building a safe path to restore international travel and restart the global economy.

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Meet The Team


David Kahale

Co-Founder, CEO

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"We have been in an era stagnant with the same boring things for decades. There is a need for a new player ready to change the world on a massive scale. There needs to be a higher purpose."

Nathan Raad

Co-Founder & Innovation Specialist

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Adam Crow

Chief Technology Officer

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Sam Rizkalla

Chief Financial Officer

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Damilola Balogun

Head of African Engaement

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Caroline Rakus-Wojciechowski

Corporate Sustainability Officer

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