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Advanced Atificial Intelligence

With the release of the Borrow App in early 2018 we have developed the World's first artificial intelligence that completely organises your personal appointments, bookings, jobs, tasks, deliveries, routes and finances in the one system. 


Being able to let anyone borrow things you own from your video games to dresses and even your house or car means the time saved by Panta's AI in organising the logistics of these operations can lead to increases in revenue of up to 15x.


The AI automatically sends push notifications to mobile devices and calculates the most efficient routes for delivery & transport personel. 


As part of the key function of this intelligent system real time categorised data is collected and analysed to personalise user experiences and drive relevant suggestions, content and scheduling efficiency. 


Secure verification 

Using trusted global sources, you can screen customers against global sanctions & watchlists

There’s no ignoring, unlawful financial transactions are on the rise, with most countries introducing regulations to help detect and facilitate reporting of suspicious activity to regulators and law enforcement officials.


And when minimum standards such as  “Know your Customer” (KYC) and “Customer Due Diligence” (CDD) are often required to verify customers, greenID™ helps you take a risk-based approach to ensure you know who you’re dealing with – especially when compliance regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) are imposed.


Screen customers and candidates in real time

By integrating Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and watchlist screening into our verification solution, your customer verification process remains accurate and reliable. More importantly, these checks are performed in real time in the background with no visible impact on your customer.


Screen customers with solid, reliable and extensive data

By teaming up with some of the most trusted global data suppliers, Nomino Data and Dow Jones / Factiva.


Nomino Data provide a database of domestic and international persons of interest, covering sources like CIA World Leaders, and sanctions lists such as the DFAT and OFAC lists. You can use this service to enhance your existing PEP solutions or as a new, standalone option.

Dow Jones / Factiva supplies an Extended Politically Exposed Person’s (EPEP) dataset and is relied upon by eight of the largest and most powerful global financial institutions, incorporating data from 105 countries and covering extensive data including relationship types such as:

  • spouse or de facto partner

  • child, child’s spouse or child’s de facto partner

  • parents/grandparents

  • close associates (individuals with ownership or interest in an entity with benefits to the PEP)

  • entities that are closely connected to the PEP

Real-Time Mapping and Data

Location is built into the fabric of our daily experiences. Whether you’re exploring a city with Lonely Planet, sharing with friends on Snapchat, seeing if it’s going to rain on, tracking breaking news on Bloomberg, or checking your ETA in Lyft — location is essential to every one of these applications, and they’re powered by our developing partners at Mapbox.


Get actionable insights from spatial data. Our flexible mapping and location building blocks integrate seamlessly into your data analytics application or data visualization. Build heatmaps, data clusters, 2D/3D choropleths, and more, all with your own data in your own workflow.


Our maps are updated with real-time probe data and edited by the global community of 4 million mappers in OpenStreetMap, adding new roads, buildings and more around the world. Our dedicated Data team tracks updates and actively contributes.

Our Partners

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