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Live Event: Introduction to the SDG Case Challenge

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Live: 9:00 PM (EST)

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Moderated by Harvard University Startup Mentor, Caroline Rakus-Wojciechowski, the discussion will focus on the goals of the 'SDG Case Challenge' being held at the Youth Sustainability Development Conference 2021 - Pan African Edition (YSDC). The event focuses on unlocking the potential of African youth to develop and deliver the longer-term benefits of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals through Public-Private Partnerships. “The big challenge is how we design infrastructure to capture data which unlocks value and fosters inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience." says Panta Group CEO David Kahale.

The event will address key questions for planning and infrastructure development such as:

• Who will pay for the infrastructure changes that need to occur?

• What are the technological considerations for new systems?

• How do we collaborate with public and private stakeholders to ensure citizens have the knowledge and ability to participate in decision making?

By helping African entrepreneurs understand the methods by which PPPs operate, the event will provide a platform to identify sustainable best practices and create feasible solutions that have a high impact.


CEO and Co-Founder, Youth Sustainable Development Network

Founder, ELLEDAM Beauty

Chief Strategy Officer, Youth Sustainable Development Network

Founder, Panta Group

Chief Research Officer, Youth Sustainable Development Network


Startup Mentor, Harvard University

Chief Partnership and Innovation Officer & Co-Organizer, Youth Sustainable Development Network


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