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Panta Group's Borrow app

Updated: May 1, 2018

It’s no secret the way we do business has dramatically changed in recent years. No longer in the hands of giant corporations, almost anyone can tap into the sharing economy and make money, whether it be through driving, deliveries, selling unused products or sharing their services. There are a multitude of apps to access any one of these things, but as of yet there has been no single platform that offers all of these things at once. The recent rise of Bitcoin and the declining popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat have shown that we are eagerly waiting for the next big thing.

Enter Panta Group. With the aim to revolutionise the way we live, Panta Group have created Borrow, an app that is designed to let you capitalise on the sharing economy from the comfort of your own home and provide you with everything you’ll ever need.

The appeal lies in its reach. Instead of focusing on a single service, Borrow is changing up the game by offering everything in one place and automates the process for you. Through this new platform you can lend your things, hire items from others, start making deliveries, offer your skills or services and create experiences for anyone in your city.

It’s basically one giant library that’s designed to be shared within your community: you can list everything from designer dresses to skidving to your home or car. But here’s where it gets extra special; you can also list your skills, trades, businesses, packages, deals and experiences on Borrow, so that anyone in your area can easily find and book you.

Say for example you’re an amazing chef, you can list your skills – list a three course meal cooked at home – someone can hire you to do what you love. Or perhaps you are throwing a party, but need extra chairs? Simply log in and search for everything you are missing, borrow it and someone will also deliver it to your door that same day! Delivery plays a huge part here, simply create an account on borrow (it takes 60 seconds) and toggle on the “make money delivering” in your profile page and you will begin receiving notifications for delivery jobs in your area. The bonus? You get to keep 100% of the delivery fee!

The app is organised into three main sections; Items, Services and Experiences. Each section is usefully assigned a colour which you’ll come to appreciate when you start filling up the calendar with bookings and start making serious money. Listings work like a hotel booking sites in many ways and you only ever have to list Items, Services or Experiences once and they’re up for good managing bookings, deliveries and availabilities by themselves with help from Panta Group’s artificial intelligence.

The concept behind the Item borrowing service is the idea that somebody, somewhere in your city has what you need. Why go to the trouble of buying something brand new when your neighbour could have exactly what you need, which you can then easily borrow (and have delivered) for much less. And if ever you have anything lying around the house that you don’t use anymore, you can list them on the Borrow app and make a little money with very little effort.

The Services component of Borrow allows you to create and/or advertise your brand and collect new customers. Simply list your service and it’s products (if it has any), and you’ll reach a whole new customer base. You can also offer personal skills – Play the guitar? list it on Services and get booked for a gig, birthday party or even teach lessons. What’s more, Borrow’s Homebase (the intelligent home screen of the app) automatically organises your schedule whenever you are hired, as well as sending reminders and notifications to your phone whenever you have an appointment coming up. Similarly you can search Borrow for any service you may need, and hire someone local to fulfil it.

Do you have a passion you’re dying to share with the world? Borrow’s Experience section lets you sell this passion to locals and tourists in your area – think anything from teaching people how to make candles to neighbourhood tours to Beyoncé dance classes. Alternatively, if you’re ever feeling bored, you can easily browse or search for experiences and try something new. If you’ve planned a trip overseas you can book an experience in that city in advance just by searching whats on offer there. You’ll never run out of things to do!

An easy way to earn a little extra cash, Borrow will soon rival share economy giants such as Uber, Airbnb and Deliveroo with competitive rates and a much larger library of things to do. And unlike other apps, Borrow has a verification system that guarantees security. By partnering up with greenID, users must supply government-issued identification. This makes sure you definitely know the person you’re dealing with really is who they say they are. For further security, each borrower must agree to your listing rules and requirements. You can also choose to add theft, damage and loss cover to your items for a tiny fee you’ll never have to think about.

So dedicated are they to their concept of revolutionising the way we live, work and get things done, Panta Group plan on expanding into the global market in 2018. They are also planning on adding more features to their app which would really make this a part of your everyday life.

Sign up quickly, for a limited time only Borrow will be offering first time users 100% off the delivery fees and protection from delivery fees in the future.


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