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Panta Joins ID2020 Alliance

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The ID2020 Alliance continues to grow, and today, we are delighted to welcome the Panta Group as the newest member of our community.

With corporate values rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Australia-based Panta Group is partnering with governments and NGOs to develop modern, interoperable, and reliable digital infrastructure that will enhance access to essential public services.

While many large and small companies are developing digital ID solutions for financial services and public health, Panta has focused their offerings toward the equally vital transportation sector. Panta Transportation develops cashless payment solutions for fare and toll collection, which integrate with transportation management systems to make public transit more accessible and efficient, thereby enhancing the rider experience. They are currently working to modernize transportation digital infrastructure in the Philippines.

“After food, water, and shelter, the ability to get from here to there is one of the next most basic human needs,” said ID2020 Executive Director, Dakota Gruener. “Whether for trips to work or school, to visit a doctor, shop, or connect with friends and family, mobility plays a central part in all of our lives. We are always excited to align with companies, like Panta, whose work is so explicitly grounded in a commitment to equity and sustainable development.”

“Panta is excited to join the ID2020 Alliance,” said CEO, David Kahale. “The principles for which the ID2020 Alliance has always stood are a perfect match for us as we aim to digitize payments and identification for public transportation across the developing world. Beginning next year, Panta will provide millions of public transportation users in the Philippines with digital IDs and contactless payments. We are excited to leverage ID2020’s expertise as we collectively work toward establishing new standards for data privacy and reliable digital ID for the transportation sector.”

The ID2020 Alliance welcomes new corporate, government, and civil society partners who share our commitment to a standards-based approach to user-managed, privacy-protecting, and portable digital ID and we look forward to Panta’s active participation in this global movement toward “good ID”.

About the Panta Group

Panta is a start-up, founded in 2016 and is based in Sydney, Australia. Panta is dedicated to developing digital and sustainable solutions for public transportation in developing countries. Panta is currently releasing a digital ticketing and contactless payment system across the Philippines and is also aiming to create digital contact tracing and national ID systems in the Philippines.

About ID2020

ID2020 is a global public-private partnership that harnesses the collective power of nonprofits, corporations, and governments to promote the adoption and ethical implementation of user-managed, privacy-protecting, and portable digital identity solutions.

By developing and applying rigorous technical standards to certify identity solutions, providing advisory services and implementing programs, and advocating for the ethical implantation of digital ID, ID2020 is strengthening social and economic development globally. Alliance partners are committed to a future in which all of the world’s seven billion people can fully exercise their basic human rights and reap the benefits of economic empowerment and to protecting user privacy and ensuring that data is not commoditized.


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