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Panta Transportation Network

A single unified public transportation system is essential for a liveable, modern city. It is good for the people who use it – and it benefits the whole community by taking cars off the roads, which means less congestion and cleaner air. When a transportation system goes well you don’t notice it, but when it goes wrong it negatively affects your day and can very quickly put an end to your plans.

When a modern, scheduled, and smart transportation system is accompanied by an advanced Payment system we see local productivity increases manyfold. As a direct result of a modern transportation system, massive economic development and growth are enabled. Meaning trucks and other means of industrial transportation gain access to faster routes and productivity increases as traffic situations get better. 

Communication is just as important as transportation. The ability to communicate with every operator both outside and inside the market via communications infrastructure such as SmartPhones, Mobile devices and Computers is vitally important. 

However, information communications technology (ICT) is different everywhere you go in the world and the rate at which data can accessed can range from 1Mb/sec to over 500Mb/sec and in many cases is quite unreliable. Therefore, it is important that measures are put in place to ensure the continued operation of the transportation system even when internet connections are unavailable and fixed infrastructures fail in their responsibilities. 

Panta makes getting around on public transport easy. To travel anywhere in Manila, all you need is a Panta Card or the Panta app.Simply add a load to the card via our many convenient options such as Panta App, website, ticket vending machine or allocate a preferred automatic withdrawal from your preferred credit/debit card when your Panta Card is running low on funds.

Panta provides virtually unlimited benefits for travellers and administrators because of our focus on software and future-proof hardware.


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