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Production Begins on Panta's PUV Fare Collection System

Updated: May 2, 2018

Production of the Panta Transportation Network hardware systems has begun. With an estimated 75,000 units to be manufactured and fitted on all new PUV vehicles in Metro Manila by the end of 2018.

After working closely with Jeepney operators, commuters and government officials from the DOTr (Department of Transportation) and LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) the new Panta systems have completed their industrial design and requirements stage.

Both Mr. Thomas M. Orbos (Undersecretary of the DOTr) and Mr. Mark Richmund M. De Leon (Assistant Secretary for Road Transport and Infrastructure) had meetings with Panta Transportation executives to discuss the requirements set out by President Duterte and the future of PUVs in Metro Manila. After months of collaboration between the departments and Panta Transportation the world class fare collection system was finalized and sent off for production.

Initial pilot testing will be conducted on 5,000 new vehicles across Metro Manila in order to calibrate the systems Artificial Intelligence and route guidance systems. Six new Panta machines will be placed at Manila's busiest locations to dispense the new Panta Cards which are required to pay for travel across Manila.

It is expected that over 4,000,000 Panta Pay cards will be registered to Adults, Seniors and Youth during the pilot testing stage across these locations as hype for the world class transportation network is rolled out. Panta Pay cards are a reloadable personal smart card registered to a specific individual. The card can be loaded via many convenient potions such as Panta Hub machines, credit card, direct debit, or via the Panta App. To further entice users, every dollar spent with Panta Pay cards earns special points that help you rank up with Panta systems and gain exclusive deals from stores such as SM and Jollibee. 

A seperate temporary Panta Tap card can also be purchased from Panta machines with preloaded value. These cards are temporary use only and need to be returned to a panta machine once the load is expired. To incentivise proper environmental practices Panta machines will refund the user ₱2.00 when the empty card is returned to the machine.

Assuming Mr. Orbos and Mr. De Leon continue their efforts to get the PNB (Philippines national bank) and LandBank of The Philippines to endorse the program, the expected delivery and installation of the Panta Transportation Network is set to be in June this year with completion of the rollout across all of manila by early 2019.



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