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Panta Jeepney Modernization Finance Solution

We know that every business can have its hurdles. And its opportunities. Panta has designed a solution to help you get your Cooperative up and running in no time.

If your an existing Jeepney or PUV operator with an existing and approved route you can apply for Panta's Finance Solution.

We pay 5% downpayment to DBP or Landbank

We provide the Modern Jeepney*

We provide the AFCS

We manage the fleet for 7 years

We guarantee you a fixed income per month

You own the Jeepney at the end

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We do the heavy lifting

Sit back and relax. Once you've been approved we'll deliver the vehicle with all the required accessories and operate the fleet for you.

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Easy management software

We will provide our advanced AFCS solution to optimise the operation the fleet and improve overall performance of your business.

Enquire about Panta Funding

In accordance with DOTr and LTFRB standards and requirements, every application will be examined on a number of factors. As long as you comply with all of DOTr and LTFRB Franchise and route requirements you are eligible for Panta's Finance Solution.

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Funding Application

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Revenues (Existing co-ops)

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