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Firmly invested in the lives and communities of our consumers we take an economic approach to charity.


By investing in projects proven to create economic development and growth through infrastructure, technology and jobs we empower entire populations to innovate, work and grow.

Jeepney Modernization Project

As part of the Duterte Government's task to modernise all public transportation vehicles 15 years old or over, Panta Group has invested considerable amounts of capital in aiding franchise operators to meet the guidelines put in place.


We have also developed one of the most advanced Point Of Sales (POS) systems in the world to immediately improve the traffic conditions in Manila and the threat to national security. 



When the production of energy is no longer a problem, communities can shift their focus on optimising their existing means of production or create completely new opportunities that were once impossible to achieve without stable energy.


Commercial organizations and government entities can achieve greater control, reliability and security with the aid of renewable energy.


Education should be a right for every child and adult - not just those who live in the developed world, or those who come from wealthier families.


In many cases, children do not end up attending schools because their parents or guardians have not attended such institutions themselves and as a result, have been put into situations of poverty. Often times being forced to beg or sell goods on the street.


We do innovative work across several development areas to teach adults valuable skills and knowledge to make them job ready and to keep their children in school for years to come.

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