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The most integrated transit network in the world

Panta Transportation has made public transport more accessible. To travel anywhere, all you need is a Panta Card, or an NFC enabled mobile device.


Add value to your Panta Card through the Panta app, website, ticket kiosk or allocate a preferred automatic withdrawal amount from your bank when your Panta Card is running low on funds.


Our advanced RFID technology allows you to Tap onto any mode of transportation, removing the need for cash and waiting in lines.


Panta provides virtually unlimited possibilities for administrators and incredible convenience to travellers.

Advantages for Operators 

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by tracking your fleet's critical data metrics to help set better operation budgets to increase your overall profitability.

Real-Time Planning

We send real-time notifications to travellers to make your transport service more accessible and convenient. We help customers stay up to date with continuous updates about routes and schedules.

Increase Saftey 

Improve safety practices with historic driver profiles, including live vehicle tracking, speed monitoring and incident recording.

Reduce Crime

We further reduce crime by helping the PNP track and monitor who gets on and off the Panta Transportation Network. Utilising accurate location data, GPS, CCTV footage, and other relevant information. Alerts can be sent to local authorities when a person of interest or criminal taps onto the system.


Thanks to Panta fare evasion is now a thing of the past. Every customer must Tap on and Tap off to have their fare accurately calculated. If a traveller does not Tap off an automatic full fare charge will be deducted from their account. Administrators can check if passengers have legally tapped on by scanning their Panta Card and checking it's recent activity.

Increase Efficiency

We improve your overall fleet performance with bulletproof techniques. Passengers no longer have to wait in lines, hand over cash, or wait for their change and receipt. Passengers simply walk onto your vehicle and tap their card on the AFCS terminal. It takes less than 1 second per person.


We also take all of the guesswork out of the equation. We will teach your passengers how to utilise the system properly, and our AFCS will give your passengers visual feedback every time they Tap.

For Travelers

Make life easier

Never handle cash again, have a digital record of all your receipts, earn free travel and get exclusive freebies from Panta. 

Travel Anywhere

All you need is 1 Panta Card, and you're good to travel on any mode of public transportation across the entire country.

Never Miss Your Ride

See precisely when the next bus, train, ferry or jeepney will be arriving at your location. Have access to offline schedules and plan your trip in advance.


Manila has been exclusively chosen to be the first city in the world to have access to the Panta Transportation Network.


We have worked with the Department of Transportation to provide fast, safe, and reliable travel technology as part of the PUV Modernization Program - Build Build Build!


Are you a transport operator looking for AFCS or accredited PUV class 2 and class 3?​

Panta Card for Travel

The Panta Card is a fast new way to pay for travel on public transport. It's a reloadable smartcard used across a vast range of situations.​There's no need to buy single-use tickets - with a Panta Card you simply load value onto your card tap to travel.


When you travel, remember to Tap on and off at the card reader, the Panta system will automatically calculate the correct fare and deduct it from the value on your card.


So no more worrying about having the correct change.

There's a Panta Card for everyone

During the rollout of the Panta Transportation Network across the Philippines, different types of Panta Card will be available:

Adult/Regular - Full Fare

Student - 20% Discount

Senior/PWD - 20% Discount

Panta Benefits

Panta makes travel easy
You only need to get a Panta Card once, and then you can use it for travel day after day. So you never have to queue for paper tickets or handle cash again.

Panta is secure
If your Panta Card is registered online, your balance is protected if your card is lost or stolen. Simply open the Panta Travel app or website and block your card to stop any unlawful use of your balance. If you end up finding your card after blocking it, you can simply unblock your card via the website or Panta Travel app.

Never miss your ride
With the Panta app you can see live vehicle locations, routes, schedules, save your favourite trips, download offline timetables and plan your journey in advance.

Earn Points
Each time you use your Panta Card you will earn Panta Points that can be used to claim rewards, gifts, discounts and even free travel!

How to load your card

Auto Load
With Auto Load, you're always ready to travel. Whenever your Panta Card balance gets low, it automatically tops up from a linked credit or debit card. 
You can change your Auto Load amount or cancel at any time. You'll be able to link a spouse or relative's credit or debit card if you wish (with their permission) and set up Auto Load Panta app.

Manual Load
With Manual Load, you are in control of how often you load your card. Whenever your Panta Card balance gets low, you can add load to your Panta Card via the many convenient options available to you. More Manual Load options will be made available as the Panta Transportation Network rolls out across the Philippines.

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