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Manila Gets a Panta Exclusive

In March 2018, Panta Transportation partnered with the Department of Transportation Philippines (DOTr) to developing the Panta Transportation Network to finalize the controversial PUV modernization program. After holding meetings with the heads of management of Philippines largest banks, transportation executives and government officials, Panta Transportation showcased it's latest system which would tackle the current issues plaguing Manila's public transportation.


The Panta Transportation Network was announced on several radio stations throughout Manila and received positive reviews from operators and commuters calling the system

"The future of transportation in the Philippines".

Since the meeting took place Panta negotiated terms with Isuzu, Hino, Kia and the Agilec Humanitarian Foundation to be installed on over 75,000 jeepneys by the end of 2018 and over 250,000 vehicles across Metro Manila by early 2019.

Further talks with the DOTr have suggested that the Panta Transportation Network will be the exclusive contactless fare collection system for public transport services in throughout the Philippines for an exclusive world first.

The system includes measures to ensure the safety of passengers in the case of natural disasters or terror related attacks - helping key government services gain access to vital data about who may be involved in localized incidents. The system also hosts a huge array of advanced algorithms that aid in the detection and prevention of possible threats posed by suspected criminals.

Other key features of the system include the use of Panta's new ground breaking smart card - Panta Card. The world most intelligent smart card that could change the way we do everything in our daily lives and have huge positive impacts on entire economic ecosystems.


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