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Who Are We

Much like the world's most valuable companies, Panta focuses on developing multisided digital platforms which provide smart city capabilities and innovative financial solutions. The nature of theplatfomrs we build means both public and private sectors can connect with their clients with ease.

Our Mission

Accessibility to essential services

By providing governments and industries with digital tools that establish interoperable systems

Financial inclusion

By equipping people with innovative digital solutions that enable better financial literacy and opportunities to make secondary and passive incomes 

Panta Group is committed to helping developing countries achieve their technical ambitions. Our three departments share a commitment to improving access to services, financial inclusion, and developing smart and resilient technology which help raise populations out of poverty.


Many institutions, one group

Panta Payments

Development of financial technology facilitating the transition to contactless payments

Panta Transportation

Development of transit fare systems and mobility applications for passengers and operators

Panta Commerce

Innovative eCommerce platforms for providers of  goods and services to digitalise business operations

Our Values






Our values represent what is important to us as an organisation and how we work with our clients and our partners. They guide the decisions we make and the actions we take in carrying out our mission.


Cheif Executive Officer

David Kahale has been CEO of Panta Group since 2016.

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