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Good Health Pass Wins #GoodID Award

The award was to recognise nominees who champion the #GoodID principle of security.

Secure digital identity safeguards users, defends against malicious actors, and offers services that the public can trust.

Digital health passes would enable airlines, border control agencies, and other authorized verifiers to verify an individuals’ COVID status quickly, easily, and at scale. They offer our best hope for safely restoring international travel – and resuming other aspects of public life – in the foreseeable future.

The Good Health Pass Collaborative has brought together more than 125 global companies and organizations from across the health, travel, and technology sectors to establish principles and standards for digital health passes aimed at restoring international travel.

The Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint – developed in collaboration with the Trust Over IP Foundation – sets forth a standard that would enable global interoperability among digital health passes and ensure that core principles – such as privacy, security, user-control, equity, and interoperability – are firmly embedded as airlines and governments adopt systems to safely restore international travel.

Panta Group's CEO, David Kahale expressed his delight in a statement.

As a core member of the Good Health Pass Collaborative, Panta is honored to have partnered with the amazing team of friends and colleagues at the ID2020 Alliance and the Trust Over IP Foundation which hosted the Interoperability Working Group through which this collective effort was facilitated.


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