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Winners of the Panta Case Study Challenge - Saving the Earth

In June 2021, Panta Group sponsored the largest youth sustainability conference in Africa. The event hosted more than 700 participants and over 50 grassroots organisations from across Africa to take part in the Panta Group Case Study Challenge.

The Youth Sustainability Development Conference (YSDC) aims to provide intellectual guidance and scientific evidence to the challenges of SDGs, with humanist and critical thinking, promoting research and education to build a fair global community and more sustainable societies with side attractions such as allowing students to express their innovate side, artistic work on the SDGs, essay competitions and as well as career expo which gives them the opportunity to discuss life after secondary school with a panel of experts.

During the multi-day conference, the participants and organisations attended lectures and panel discussions from global experts and public sector officials covering a broad range of issues from food and water management to systemic obstacles placed on women in management positions.

Between the speeches and discussions of the guest speakers, participants were placed in groups and engaged in facilitated breakout sessions where they were taught to compose industry level proposals and business plans.

The Panta Group Case Study Challenge provided participants with 4 global scenarios that posed immediate problems to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The goal for participants was to formulate innovative, feasible, and financially viable solutions using the Public-Private Partnership model.

At the end of the conference, each group presented their solution to the Panta Group Case Study Challenge to a panel of judges which assessed each proposal on its feasibility, financial viability, innovation, and the ability to make an impact.

From over 50 teams, the Saving The Earth team won the case challenge as well as USD $2,500 provided by Panta Group to fund their local initiative.

Watch how the YSDC and Panta made a difference to a small community in Africa with hopes of expanding across the continent to provide innovative irrigation and affordable food solutions.


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